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School is Back. A few reminders for parents

School is officially open in South Florida and back in full session. I'm sure some parents such as myself are very content right now because whewww summertime give those kids a different type of appetite. (smiling) The fridge can finally take a break. To be honest, my kids had an amazing summer. They met their aunty and cousins for the very first time from Canada and they had a blast playing and getting to know their cousins. Must I remind you how loud my home was with 5 kids? And they wake up super early like why? where are you going? I enjoyed them and missed them as well and I look forward to a trip to Canada next.

Ok Let's get back to topic. To my dear parents, you know with the new school year it is very important to sit your kids down and talk to them. Teach them about kindness and respect. It is also important to teach them about bullying and to stand up for themselves. Speak words of affirmations with them and on them every morning before they walk out that door. Pray over your kids please; I cannot stress this enough. It's a lot of negative spirit out there and a lot of negative influence. Keep your kids prayed up. One final important thing as parents we need to do is, get to know your kid's teacher. Don't just drop them off to school and that's it. Schedule a one on one with the teacher. Do weekly check-in with the teacher to find out how your child is doing in class, if you need to do any extra work with your child at home. Be involved in the school, the more they know you and see your interest and concern in your kids education, the more they will respect you in the school. We are raising kings and queens here okuurrrttttt (I have to make you guys smile at my posts, smiling)

Also, to all my parents, times are hard, if you know another parent struggling to buy a pair of shoes or groceries or to make ends meet to send their kids to school, help as much as you can. I see a lot of backpack giveaways that are happening, and I am glad to see the community coming together to help those in need. Some people are afraid to ask because they are afraid of getting judged. At this point, everyone is struggling one way or the other. As the song say, "Close mouth don't get fed", ask and you shall receive. Never be embarrassed of the struggle because that's part of life process.

Lastly be kind to each other. Connect with another parent and exchange numbers. Sometimes you might have missed something that needed that be done and that other parent can provide you that information. Hope this post help a parent, an auntie, a grandparent that's raising and sending a child off to school this year. Wishing you kiddos and parents an amazing school year.

Don't forget to leave a little comment and encouraging word to another parent.

With Love!


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