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Well Hello There Fashionistas. My name is Merline but everyone calls me Mimi. I am the Owner of Mimi’s Boutiq and a stylist. Every year,  I Host a fashion show in South Florida and a Woman Empowerment Brunch. 
Fashion always had a special place in my heart which is why I decided to start the Online Boutiq 11 years ago. I am big at motivating people to do better and dream bigger in life. Always go after what you want because you never know one day where it can take you.
Mimi’s Boutiq caters to plus sizes only, beneficial to the masses while keeping the wallets thick. Describe as comfortable, chic and fun, the goal is to give woman the opportunity to love what they are wearing. To feel so confident they can walk in anywhere looking beautiful.
I hope you ladies enjoy the clothes I picked out for you and remember fabulousness comes from within. If you feel Fabulous, then you are Fabulous. I love you for shopping with me.

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