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How important are birthdays to you?

Hello my beautiful people. Look at your girl keeping up with the blog post and all. Giving myself a quick tap on the shoulder (smiling) Ok, let's get into more important things. I wanted to write about birthdays today and to see how important it is for you all to celebrate them.

Recently, I just celebrated my birthday. Don't ask me for my age because I won't tell you, just know your girl is getting close to her 40's and oufff that's a story for another post. I am very big on celebrating birthdays. Whether it's my birthday, husband birthday. my kids, family, friends, I'm just big on celebrating that special day. Growing up, my mother always made sure I was celebrated on my birthday, and I grew up doing the same thing for myself and everyone around me every year. I started my birthday celebration this year with a trip to Costa Rica with my husband. I wanted something different this year, more on the peaceful side. So we booked a hotel up in the mountains/jungle as my husband enjoy calling it. Sometimes, it's good to get away from noise and the all-inclusive hotels. Although it is very beneficial with having access to everything in the hotel as a complete package, but it can also get loud, and I didn't want loud this year. I think it's the old in me, you see close to 40's will do that to you (smiling) Let me stop before my age 40's people come for me.

When I tell you that trip was everything and more, it truly was. The hotel we stayed (Oxygenjunglevillas) was the perfect location to find that peaceful, Zen atmosphere I was looking for. They had no televisions by the way. Basically, you are forced to connect with your partner in every way possible. It also gave me time to connect more with myself and think about my year to date, everything I've accomplished and how God has been so good to me. It was all the therapy I needed. Of course, we stepped out to visit the locals and did some excursions which was so much fun. I don't like feeling like I'm stuck in the hotel; I like to explore and learn about the culture. Overall, it was a fun trip.

When we came back from Costa Rica, on my birthday, we enjoyed a nice breakfast as a family, went for a massage and dinner and enjoy some grown folks night out and the pool the next day at the hotel we stayed. To say I didn't enjoy my birthday would be an understatement. I enjoyed every moment of it. I am telling you all this to say, you only get one life. Tomorrow is not promise to no one. We live on a world where every second there is a shooting, someone is dying, or we are stressing about how to make ends meet because the economy is in shambles. People are dying of depression and people's anxiety is up the roof. Moms are overwhelmed because some of them have to be both mom/dad and a provider. Every day you wake up is a blessing. I say celebrate yourself everyday but go extra hard on your birthday. I cry every year on my birthday because, I'm not better than anyone, but God choose to give me another day at life and that's something to be thankful about.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy. If you can't do it every day, do it every week or every month. As long as you do it for you. Traveling may not be possible because of financials or work schedule or kids etc.. Take yourself out for breakfast, to the spa, buy yourself flowers. Just please, remember to never forget about you because You Matter. Hope this post encourages someone to go harder for their next birthday. Whether you have someone to celebrate you or not, celebrate yourself because you are still here. Hope you enjoy the photos and please do share comments on how you plan on celebrating your next birthday.

Love you all and thank you for reading!

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