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Showing a quick face on the blogging side

Helloooooo world!. My goodness it's been a while since those fingers posted anything related to blogging. I have a few of you who reached out about bringing back my blog and my short videos I used to share on you tube. Let me just say, everything will slowly be coming back.

If you are new to my blogging world "Welcome" I used to blog about fashion and lifestyle on my original "the adventures of Mimi" website but, life got in the way. Now I think it's safe to say that I am slowly getting back and sharing a few things or two with you all. A lot has happened since I stopped blogging and one of them is me opening my own little office space. A quick clap for God and how good He is. The power of prayer, I tell you. If you know me, you know this is something I've always wanted to do because I wanted a space to welcome all my clients and potential clients. A space where I can have meeting instead of always going to Starbucks. I am just overjoyed to have this space of mine. If you are also wondering what I do all day in the office or what I offer, let me break it down to you:

- Although I have an online shop for plus size women, I offer styling services for all (Men, women, plus, regular) I know how stressful it can be looking for the perfect outfit for a professional shoot, or birthday or engagement shoot etc.. I am your girl ok. I will help you unload that stress.

-I also do coaching session. I currently have two young women I am coaching.

-I also do event coordination when needed.

-Lastly and I am sure most of you know, I host my yearly fashion shows and women empowerment brunches. Your girl is definitely keeping busy.

I think that sums it up. My goal has been and still is to continue making a difference in my community and to grow my brand bigger and bigger every year. With that said, expect to learn a little something from me or a little conversation every time I write something. I also want to read your comments because your thoughts matters to me. Cheers to a great Friday and an amazing weekend.

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